Who We Are.

Welcome to Expert Virtual Outsourcing, your reliable and innovative outsourcing partner! We are a pioneering staff outsourcing company, bridging the gap between your business ambitions and operational efficiency, with an agile footprint in Australia and the Philippines.

Our ethos is simple yet transformative: we don't just outsource tasks; we create value. Our difference lies in reshaping the traditional outsourcing narrative. Traditional models often rely on offloading repetitive, back-office tasks. We, however, see this as just the beginning.

We believe in the potential of our Executive Assistants to do much more than just simple tasks. Through intensive recruitment and meticulously crafted training programs, we equip our assistants to handle front-end tasks, those that are critical to business growth. This subtle shift in the outsourcing model is proving to be a game-changer. Our assistants are no longer just task handlers; they're instrumental in driving revenues, adding to the bottom lines, and accelerating business growth.

Expert Virtual Outsourcing is about more than just outsourcing work; it's about partnering in your success. We know that time, expertise, and financial efficiency are of the essence for business owners, which is why we're passionate about offering you access to world-class talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally.

With Expert Virtual Outsourcing, you're not just getting an assistant; you're getting a partner, a collaborator, a game changer. Our team members don't just follow instructions; they deliver results. They're highly skilled, motivated, and trained to step beyond traditional boundaries, taking on roles and tasks that drive business growth.

We're driven by a vision of what outsourcing can be - a vehicle for growth, a tool for innovation, a platform for generating sustainable revenue. Expert Virtual Outsourcing isn't just our name; it's a commitment to help your business thrive by offering value-packed, strategic solutions that go beyond conventional outsourcing.

Our goal is simple: we want to revolutionise the way you look at outsourcing, by transforming it from a cost-saving measure to a strategic growth move. Our executive assistants don't just help manage your tasks; they contribute to your growth, save you time, and boost your bottom line, all while maintaining the high quality of work you expect and deserve.

Welcome to Expert Virtual Outsourcing, where outsourcing meets innovation and efficiency, giving your business the competitive edge it needs. Your success is our mission. And together, we can make it happen.

Tom Caraccio

Tom Caraccio is not only a leader but also a mentor at Expert Virtual Outsourcing, a game-changing force in the digital arena. As a director and partner, Tom has revolutionised our approach to training, helping to shape a team of Executive Assistants (EAs) who stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Tom’s proficiency in marketing, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, and artificial intelligence implementation has had a profound impact on the skillset of our EAs. Under his tutelage, they've evolved from being adept at traditional back-office tasks to mastering complex business strategies. This transformation equips our EAs to drive revenue growth for our international clients, proving that they are not just task-takers but indeed growth catalysts.

The successful founder of Konnect Marketing and Tom Caraccio Consulting, Tom brings a breadth of business growth expertise to Expert Virtual Outsourcing. He integrates this wealth of knowledge into our training programs, ensuring our EAs can navigate the complexities of digital marketing and artificial intelligence implementation. This approach elevates the value our EAs bring to clients and breaks new ground in the outsourcing market.

Through Tom's forward-thinking strategies, our clients gain an unparalleled level of confidence in our services. They know that our EAs are equipped to perform tasks that go beyond the ordinary and directly contribute to income generation. Tom’s visionary approach and unparalleled expertise make him an invaluable asset in ensuring our EAs' proficiency and our clients' success.

Tom Caraccio is all about redefining the future. He's not only leading Expert Virtual Outsourcing but also training a new generation of EAs who are ready to take the digital landscape by storm. As he continues to inspire and influence, Tom stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology and strategic thinking in the world of business.

Angela Rosales

Meet Angela Rosales, a dynamic and accomplished leader at Expert Virtual Outsourcing (EVO). Angela brings a wealth of diverse expertise and a relentless passion for operational excellence to the forefront of our organization.

Angela's journey began with academic distinction as she graduated as an Industrial Engineer from one of the Philippines' premier universities. Her educational foundation laid the groundwork for her analytical thinking and problem-solving prowess. Her true calling emerged when she discovered her passion for operations and business processes. Her strategic vision for growth and optimization sets her apart as a visionary leader in the field.

Angela serves as the linchpin of EVO's operations, ensuring that every aspect of our business runs smoothly and efficiently. Her role is pivotal, encompassing the development of operational strategies, the training and mentoring of our Executive Assistants (EAs), and maintaining rigorous performance standards.

With a remarkable ten-year journey in the virtual business world, Angela started her career as an Executive Assistant herself. Her ascent from an EA to a leadership role equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of technology, customer relations, and management. This hands-on experience gives her a unique perspective that resonates with our EAs and positions her as a formidable advocate for their success.

Angela Rosales is more than just a partner; she is the driving force behind EVO's operational excellence. Her dedication, extensive experience, and relentless pursuit of growth make her an integral part of our team. With Angela at the helm of operations, Expert Virtual Outsourcing is poised for continued success and innovation in the world of virtual business.

Jane Hopper

As a Founding Partner at Expert Virtual Outsourcing (EVO), Jane Hopper is at the forefront of revolutionising business outsourcing, leveraging her rich expertise in education and management. Jane began her journey in academia, sculpting young minds with innovative teaching methodologies. Subsequently transitioning into management roles, she honed her leadership skills, aligning teams and empowering individuals to exceed their potential.

At EVO, Jane has channelled her invaluable insights from both realms, leading the development and training of our Executive Assistants (EAs). Her comprehensive knowledge and passion are instrumental in equipping our EAs with the proficiency required to handle complex business tasks. Jane firmly believes that an EA is more than just a processor—they are critical players in the ecosystem of business operations.

Under Jane's guidance, our EAs are not only educated in the fundamental competencies but also enlightened on the ever-evolving dynamics of modern businesses. In doing so, they become adept contributors to the new wave of business outsourcing. Through her commitment and vision, Jane Hopper continues to redefine the standards of virtual outsourcing, fostering a culture of excellence and growth at EVO.
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